Final blog:Monster thinking


.A monster is a weird thing from the observer’s point of view. It can be a person with special appearance, temperament, thought, or behavior, biological, non-living or supernatural things, or strange phenomena in nature. In speaking generally derogatory, but also as a neutral word of the occasion.     – Form Wikipedia


In fact, many of us like to name the monster ID in the game, I think the monster is a personality, we often describe a person’s ability to be very prominent, we may call him a monster, such as Ronaldo’s football, people directly call him that guy too Fantastic, he is a monster.


I think our life should be crazy, we can work hard to our monster life, monster life is a kind of life attitude, we can bravely realize the dream, and I think the passion and strange is very important, because people do not understand Monsters, this is likely to be a very precious experience.Life needs crazy and passion will be wonderful! Monster’s life certainly not mediocre, and many monsters are heroes. I hope I can be a monster and enjoy “Monster Life.”



Monster festival


Monster festival held in October every year, in fact, monster festival is just a concert, many bands sing their wild music and monster theme music. It’s a very crazy festival, people are crazy and enjoy these beast music at the monster festival, and even this festival will last an entire night.




Here are more than 20 monster band participated in the 2017 monster festival, I introduced my favorite two bands.


FUCK – Cover band that may be the most unique name.
They guarantee pure entertainment, unfettered play and real witty appearance.
They have been in business for over 20 years and GOND has attracted over 200,000 visitors over the years.They also sang the theme song of “Shrek 3” and I think their music is really exciting.


Rhine-Main area of the special bullet listen to the meditative name Rock Rotten, 9mm, Assi Rockn`n Roll. Heavy mix of rock, metal, punk monster music effects. Brutal guitar burn and crazy live performances, heavyweights called for “dancing.” Their live performance is really crazy.

Weta Digital official website


I visited the Weta Digital official website, I really like this official website, I can understand why Weta Digital can monster almost no difference with the real.



Weta Digital’s home page is very exciting, they used to 3D site to present this home page.




I was very excited when I saw these pages and I also felt the realism of these monsters. This is just some pictures. I really admire Weta Digital’s technology, which should be a visual impact and feast. I enjoy it. .


There are even special effects teaching and demos here that explain in detail how monsters were created.I think Weta Digital is even a monster reform. Because monsters were just people’s imaginations before Weta Digital appeared, even monster movies were unrealistic because their technology was not good enough, but Weta Digital created a magical monster world, one that people can imagine, Weta Digital can turn these monsters become reality in the movie.

Weta Digital (1)


Weta Digital is the best movie studios in the world, and it’s located in Wellington, an effect company that has created countless real monsters,Weta Digital is the best movie studios in the world,  an effect company that has created countless real monsters,


The company is named after the New Zealand weta, one of the world’s largest insects.

As of 2017, Weta Digital has won six Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), King Kong (2005), Avatar (2009), and The Jungle Book (2016).


So you can imagine that almost all the movies of high quality monsters come from Weta Digital and I even think this should be one of the most successful companies in New Zealand,


Weta Digital There are too many classic monster movies, such as the hobbit, The Wolverine. I really think this company is too great. People generally agree that high technology is in the United States or Europe, but Weta Digital is the best movie studios in the world and it is even a treasure of New Zealand.