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Avatar (2)


In fact, I think Avatar and Pandora planets are a metaphor for our past, Avatar is not even a monster, he is just a portrayal of mankind。


Pandora’s planet is a more obvious analogy, it is rich but dangerous, beautiful and deadly, has attracted countless conscientious and brave explorers, for them, this is just a game. 500 years ago, explorers were desperate for the “Golden Empire” and driven by hormones. For the Pandora planet predators, the appearance of “Avatar Incarnation” made life – the lowest bargain of this adventure It’s a role-playing game for humans as well: you can tour the New World, ride a six-legged horse and sip your sister. But for the Navy, for Indians, for the natives of Africa, for those facing musket and cannon, who lived on their “own land” for generations, this 500-year-old “Game”, such as nightmare brutal.

“Avatar” is actually a letter of apology apologized for 500 years late: “I’m sorry, we have overthrown so many trees and built the railway. I’m sorry, we have killed your family for the gold mine. I’m sorry, In the rescue, just warm up, put the blade into your chest. “We are aware of the heart, in order to entertain you and me, the film abruptly gave us a perfect ending: this hunting game should have fallen in a helicopter, The moment the female pilot died, all the rebels would die, and the surviving Navy would never be able to regain their spiritual traditions. Strong bow crossbow then can not penetrate the bullet-proof glass, and then the great hunter can not summon jungle monster, and then lucky Aboriginal can not have a grenade.
Yes, if everything is over, the moment the helicopter crashes. Did you hear the arrogant laugh of the doomed triumph? Your yellow eyes look at the skylessly, the wounds in your chest flow out of blood donation, your breathing is more and more urgent, you recall the story you heard from an early age, you are trying to find the god who leads you … but you listen To a pair of leather boots tread in the mud, come to you, the sound makes you feel cold; you see the dark muzzle. At this moment, you are not a warrior. This is not a fight. It is execution. But you are not guilty. Guilty of them. You are the people they do not regard as human beings, and you love the land they do not love.
How many times has this outcome repeated in history? This ending is not from the script, from history.


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Avatar is the highest box-office movie in the world, and the telecom does not even have bad feedback. I think monsters are the theme that most people are very interested .Because monsters do not exist in the real world, they are the result of human imagination. So many people are very fascinated with science fiction monster movies.


The film is set in the mid-22nd century, when humans are colonizing Pandora, a lush habitable moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri star system, in order to mine the mineral unobtanium,  a room-temperature superconductor. The expansion of the mining colony threatens the continued existence of a local tribe of Na’vi – a humanoid species indigenous to Pandora. The film’s title refers to a genetically engineered Na’vi body with the mind of a remotely located human that is used to interact with the natives of Pandora.


These monsters not only use the best of the movie technology, but also the plot is great, I think this movie is not just to see the 3D features, I read this movie there will be a lot of thinking about environmental protection.